The Self-Discipline Blog

Often times, when we picture ourselves as more productive or disciplined, we imagine having an organized calendar, a to-do list that is constantly getting completed, we visualize ourselves as masters at completing tasks, goals and projects. It’s a great picture, and must of us really like the idea of getting there. You may have even continue reading
Our minds are presented with decisions almost every minute of our lives. Whether we notice it or not, our mind is constantly working, thinking, comparing, analyzing and choosing. Some decisions are made unconsciously in a matter of seconds but other ones, well, they can become too much to handle. This hard choices stay in the continue reading
We all know what procrastination is. We avoid doing something we know we need to do. We also know how much we hate it, we hate the resistance we feel and how it prevents us from achieving our dreams. We hate resistance because it’s the only true obstacle standing between you and a more fulfilled continue reading
I think we all know “making” a commitment is pretty easy, Anyone can start a business, a new habit, a band, a project, etc. Sticking with it, even when things don’t go as planned, that’s the hard part, and that’s the part that makes hundreds of people quit their dreams and goals every single day. continue reading
We all hate feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks we need to do. It feels like everytime we complete one, two more appear. It can be really hard to face the reality of all the things we should be doing (and should have done before in some cases) without feeling stressed as hell. No wonder continue reading
Have you ever tried to make a change in your life only to find yourself going back to your old ways? Maybe you tried to stop procrastinating as much as you do or tried to increase your productivity at work, and you may have even succeeded... for a couple of days. This has to be continue reading